The Different Types of Slot Machines

There are many different types of slot machines; sometimes even the King can get overwhelmed! There are one line, two line, even five line slot machines; there can be two symbols on a reel, all the way up to five.

different types of slot machines

A typical machine is three symbols on one reel. The goal is simple; line up the three symbols and get paid off.

A more complicated machine would have three reels and three lines. The more reels you have, the more of a chance that you have of winning.

The hardest type of game to understand is the Pay for Play. When you put in one coin into the machine, you qualify for a prize that is just associated with that one coin. Casinos will usually give you a detailed breakdown of how the Pay for Play games are played, so it is recommended that you read these rules and understand them completely before playing any slots. If you are unsure about it, stick to the straight one reel, three symbol games.