Slot Machine Terminology

terminology - slot machines

Bonus Feature

Some slot machine offer you a chance to win additional coins. This could be a second screen, free spin etc.

Coin Size

The size of each bet

Coins Per Spin

The maximum number of coins that can be played for each spin


Coins that are kept by the machine and not paid back


The combination of symbols that will result in the player getting paid off

Payout Percentages

What a slot machine pays out. So, for instance, if a slot machine pays out 99%, that means that for every 100 dollars that is taken in by the machine, 99 dollars gets paid back out. Meaning that the machine will "hold" one dollar for every hundred.

Pay Table

Winning combinations. You will find these listed on the slot machine or closeby

Progressive Jackpot

A jackpot that continuously grows


This is the part of the machine where the symbols are displayed

Top Prize

The maximum payout playing the max. amount of coins

Wild Symbol

Like a wild card; it's a symbol that counts as any other symbol