Playing Smart Slots

August 1st, 2006 7:02 pm EST


There is much more to playing Slot machines than mindlessly putting money into a machine and pulling a lever. Although it is very much a random game with random payouts, there are some things you should know to play smarter Slots and to increase your chances of winning.

First, you should decide what exactly do you want to accomplish by playing Slots. Would you be satisfied with several small payouts so you can play less money on each spin and therefore play for longer? Or are you looking to hit it big and win a large payout or even a jackpot?

You need to know this because if you are looking to prolong your play and not trying to win a huge sum of money, then you are better off playing nickel slots or quarter slots but only playing one coin. For this type of player, a Classic Slot with three reels will usually do the trick.

If you are after a large jackpot, you should play Progressive Slots and always play max coins, or at least play Bonus Slots with max coins. This means either spending more money in the same amount of time, or simply playing less spins.

If you want to make sure that you walk away with at least some money, you should not re-bet what you have won. With a game that goes as fast as Slots, this takes a lot of discipline but it can be done.

It is important while playing to remember that the results you get from playing Slots is completely randomly-generated. A computer chip inside each Slot machine determines the random times it will payout and how much each time. So if you need say three star symbols to get a payout and you got 2/3, you may think you were ‘close’ to winning. But the truth is you were no closer than in any spin were you got 1/3 or 0/3. Continuing to feed money into a machine because you were close to winning will not increase your chances of winning at all. In fact doing so will only ensure that you decrease your bankroll and have less to show for it.

Switching machines often will prevent you from becoming what is known in the industry as a ‘zombie’. A zombie is a player who continuously and mindlessly puts coins in the machine time and again. Never allow yourself to become a zombie, as this usually means losing money as well.

Slots are a fun game and easily the most popular one in the entire casino industry. There are not a lot of rules to remember, and it is a good idea to play several different types of Slots (within your budget of course) to see which one is the most fun for you. If one is more enjoyable than the others and fits within your budget, stick to it- gambling is a form of entertainment and should always be fun first and foremost.