Before You Play a Slot Machine Online

December 01, 2003, 5:01 am EST

Before playing online slots the King recommends you take a look at the casino's slot machine payout table. This informationg is not featured on their website's homepage or anything, but most reputable online casinos do have this info somewhere on their site.

Average payouts for real slot machines in Las Vegas for example are 93% or so. Online you get a better payout percentage, usually around 95-96%. Online casinos are able to offer a better rate because their overhead cost of running the casino on the internet is significantly lower than running a real brick and mortar casino. Another benefit of playing online is that you get a first deposit bonus when you initially sign up. Online casinos do this as they have to fight for your business in a very competitive market.

Another thing you should do prior to playing online slots is to familiarize yourself with the winning combinations and especially the jackpot requirements. Different machines have different rules; a jackpot on a machine usually requires the maximum bet. Make sure you play with enough coins to qualify for the jackpot. Imagine hitting the big combination and fail to qualify.

And finally make sure you play a slot machine that fits your budget. It is better to play a smaller machine with a maximum bet then to play a highrolling machine with one or two coins.

King wishes you luck!