Beach Life Jackpot on Titan Casino Currently Sitting at $4.7 Million USD

November 14th, 2011 12:46 pm EST

Online casino Jackpot - Sign.The Beach Life jackpot on Titan Casino is currently racing towards an all-time high, and it's not too late to try and get your hands on some of the money.

As it stands right now, the Beach Life jackpot on Titan Casino is currently sitting at around 3.45 million EUR, which works out to around $4.7 million USD.

This is within striking distance of the record high for the Beach Life Jackpot, with the highest ever jackpot clocking in at $4.8 million. Sources within the company have told me that the jackpot is expected to hit a record high either today or tomorrow (if nobody wins between now and then, of course).


In order to try and win this ridiculously high jackpot, you need just one thing - a Titan Casino account.

Titan Casino is currently offering up a FREE welcome bonus of up to $4,000.

In order to qualify for this promo, you simply need to do two things:

1. Download the Titan Casino Software (click this link)

2. Enter RK4000 when asked for a "Titan Casino Bonus Code".

That's it! After that, simply make a deposit (using their wide array of different depositing options), fire up Beach Life and get to work!