Video vs. Regular Slot Machines

April 7th, 2009 - 6:53am PST

Slot machine symbol - Cherry - Online / digital version.The world of gambling has changed dramatically over the course of the past few decades. As technology advances, so does the style of gaming machines. Many casinos are turning from the regular slot machines to video slot machines, but is this really advancement? Each style of gaming equipment is unique in its own way.

Regular slot machines date back to the 1800's. Simple versions of this gaming technology could be found in saloons across the Wild West and became nicknamed the one-armed bandit for the lever that the gambler had to pull to make the reels spin. Many casinos still provide many regular slot machines for gamblers to try their luck on the old one-armed bandit. Modern advances allowed for the use a button to push instead of having to pull a level thus making it easier (and quicker) for gamblers to plug in the coins. Regular slot machines usually consist of three spinning reels with an abundance of symbols on each reel. Some machines may have five reels as well.

Video slot machines take the basic fundamentals of the regular slot machine and build upon them. Many video slot machines offer several lines to bet giving the gambler many more chances to win off of each spin. Video slot machines may offer as little as five lines to bet or they can offer up to one hundred. Most machines require you to bet at least one monetary unit per line for your maximum chance at winning. For example, if you were playing a quarter machine, then you would be betting $6.25 for each spin to cover all twenty-five lines. You do not have to play all lines though. You can simply bet one line if you wish, or you can bet more than one monetary unit per line. Video slot machines also offer the gambler a secondary chance at winning through the bonus. On most machines, if three symbols appear (sometimes they need to appear in order on a pay line and sometimes they do not) then you are whisked away to a new video game screen in which you can make more money without having to bet any. Bonuses are usually fun and the apex of video slot playing.

Both styles of machines have their draw depending on the type of gaming that is being sought. Both offer fast paced excitement and the chance of hitting a jackpot.