Payouts Explained

March 31st, 2009 - 8:07am PST

No matter how much you try and deny it, every time you place a quarter in the slot machine you get this little glimmer of hope that you may just hit the jackpot. Daydreams start racing through your head about yachts and sports cars. You keep dropping quarter after quarter as all of the hype and excitement consumes you. However, eventually sensibility will kick in and you will realize that the house will always win. If only you could figure out the probability to win and place your bets according to that probability. Now you can. The following article will discuss what the average payout is in slots as well as how to get the best results, and the little tricks casinos use to get you to spend more money while you think you're spending less.

good looking girl is testing the payouts on the slot machineHow the Payouts Work:

Many casinos will advertise their slots to have up to a 90% payout rate. To the consumer that reads that 90% of the time they will win. However they are missing the fine print. In actuality the 90% promised means that they will win 90% of the money that they put into the machine back. For example if you put in $100 and bet $1 at a time, probability tells you that you will walk away with $90 after 100 pulls. Then let's say you want to continue playing with your $90 and you go through 90 pulls, you will end up with $81 (.90 X 90 = $81). If you continue to play you will eventually dwindle down to nothing.

Another trick casinos use is to advertise that that their average pay outs are at 95%; however it is not advertised which machines actually pay out at 95%. You can try asking casino hosts which machines offer the highest payouts, but don't expect them to be too forthcoming. You can also look for that information on the machines themselves; however it is not going to be well displayed.

Penny, Nickel, or Quarter Slots?

Everyone wants to get the most out of their money, and that is why so many people gravitate to penny slots. All common sense tells us that if we play penny slots we will have five times more chances to win then playing the nickel slots and twenty-five more chances to win then the quarter slots. In all actuality the higher the slot machine, the more money you stand to win. In fact most penny slots cost exactly the same or even more than the quarter slots.

When you play penny slots you probably don't want to play with just a penny because you will only have an extremely small chance to win, as the machine so diligently displays. Therefore you have the opportunity to play up to 1000 lines at one time (and at one penny each that equals $10 a pop). They even further entice you to bet the maximum amount of lines as it is the only way to getting the bonus. The bonus, after all, is the only way to actually win the big money.

As intimidating as the quarter slots may be, it will actually give you a larger payout. Sometimes it is better to play with more money per spin than just the minimum. For example the game will give you ten credits if you get three cherries in a row for putting in one quarter, but if you put in two quarters it will give you 25 credits. Most machines will also give you a huge incentive to play the maximum. Letís say in the same scenario as above you played with the maximum of four quarters instead of just two and you win 1000 credits. In this case your chances of walking away with some money are much greater than if you just played one quarter at a time.