Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Mobile Wild West Slots

Mar 19th, 2009 - 4:39am PST

The iPhone is a great gaming platform for when you are in a location that makes other systems unplayable. For example, you can't bring an xBox on the bus. It is impossible to play PC games while in transit. With the iPod, you can play video games anywhere. One of those games is called Wild West Slots.

cellphone slots - kenny rogers wild west - iphoneThe first impression one gets from this game is that the graphics are unparalleled for a cell phone game. From the moment the game loads, it is clear that it is a very good game and with graphics like this, one can't help but be hooked.

The graphics are not this game's only selling point. The first thing about this game that one notices is that is has more depth and complexity than any other slot machine game. The icons are not just the standard Los Vegas cliches, but are interesting icons with many classic Wild West themes. There is a sheriff's badge, gold nougats and many more including Kenny Rogers. There are many ways to win, with rows of winning icons going diagonally and a total of nine different directions. The total money you bet can go up to five per line, for a total of 45. This adds a level of depth and strategy unprecedented in slot machine video games, let alone cell phone slot machine games.

There are many good iPhone games, but if you are looking for a unique gambling video game, then look no further than The Gamble Mobile Wild West Slots. There is usually not very much depth to slot machine video games, but this is certainly an exception. This game stands alone as a fun and unique gambling video game. If you only buy one slot machine video game for your iPhone, you should consider buying this one for a gaming experience you will not get elsewhere.