Playing Slots on Mobile Phones and PDA Devices is Very Popular

March 10th, 2009 - 3:08PM PST

If you walk into any casino, you will notice that the seats in front of the slot machines are always full. Table games like roulette are popular, but slot machines are, by far, visited much more often than the table games. Slot machines are very popular at casinos, so it make sense that playing slots on mobile phones and pda devices is very popular as well. It also makes sense that playing slot machine games on the computer is a favorite pastime as well.

slot machine game on iphonePlaying slots on mobile phones and pda devices is free. There is either an initial cost to purchase the game and download it to your device, or there is a monthly subscription cost. The game can be played as often as you wish. No real money is wagered, and n real money is won or lost. The games are for entertainment purposes only. You play them for fun. This is much different than playing at a casino. You have to wager real money at a casino, and you either lose the money that you wagered, or you win additional money, depending upon how the reel land when you spin. On the internet, you can play both ways. You can wager real money or play for fun. Playing for fun is like playing on a cell phone or a pda. Playing for real money is similar to playing at a casino. However, you must deposit money from a checking account or credit card into an account that you create on a website. Then you use that money to play the virtual slot machines that the website has to offer. There is also computer software that you can buy and download, which will allow you to play without being connected to the internet. This is like playing on a cell phone or pda in that you are not able to wager real money.

Playing slots on mobile phones and pda devices and on the computer can be just as addictive as the slot machines at a casino. While losing a bundle of money is not a danger, losing your job could be. If you choose to play slots rather than do your work, you may get fired from your job. So, feel free to enjoy the games, but please do so responsibly.