How Can American Customers Get Money Online in a post-UIGEA environment?

April 19th, 2007 8:44 pm EST

We receive dozens of emails daily from the faithful readers of this site. The most commonly asked question is: as an American casino player who likes to play online (we know, you like to play in your underwear, you can't fool us), how can we get money online? Many of the e-wallets have suspended service to Americans. Neteller, Citadel and others like it will not serve Americans anymore. So what is the best way to move money online now?

Well there are several ways. is an e-wallet, and they still serve the American community. They can be a bit slow sometimes, but regardless of that, they always come through and they are recommended by the big poker sites, so they must be somewhat legit.

Also, you can always use Western Union to move money online. Sure, the fees can be a bit much (I think that they charge 7% of whatever $$ amount you are moving.) Meaning, if you want to send $1000 into an online casino site, then you are going to be eating $70 in fees. On the flip side though, most casinos offer up to $500 in bonuses, so you can make your money back fairly easily.

Another way is to buy pre-paid Visa cards that are able to be used internationally. With these cards, you can even withdraw back onto them (up to the amount that you funded them with.) Pre-paid Visa cards and "gift" cards are quickly becoming the payment method of choice for people moving money online.

The bottom line is: there will ALWAYS be ways to move money online, no matter what kind of restrictions are placed by the US government. The casino industry is just too big, and the people running it are just too smart; there will always be ways to get your hard earned cash online.