Strategy Tips for Playing Online Slots

September 7th, 2006 3:45 pm EST

There is not a whole lot of skill involved in playing online slot machines. However, you should still understand the game and know a few tricks for trying to maximize your winnings and having as much fun as possible. Here are a few:

1. Play Slot machines for fun instead of profit. Though there are professional gamblers in the world, they generally play games of skill like Poker or Blackjack. But even the pros know that luck has a lot to do with your success as well- and Slots are all luck. All slot machine wins are randomly generated by computer chip, so to try and make money by playing Slots does not work. No matter what the people trying to sell you a book on “Winning Slots Strategies” tries to tell you, Slots are not a game to be played for profit.

2. Understand the game you are playing. There are so many Slots variations these days (especially at online casinos) that it makes the mind boggle. These days, there is a lot more involved with in playing Slot machines than just inserting money and pulling a lever. There may be bonus rounds, jackpots, free spins or other things that must be understood before you can start playing certain modern-day Slot machines.

3. If you want to win big, you must play max coins. Let’s say you sit down to play a Slot machine that plays quarters. You insert your quarter and win. You will get a payout, but you won’t get the biggest payout possible for that winning combination, because you only played one quarter. To get the biggest payout, you should play the maximum amount of coins that this particular machine allows. This is especially true for Progressive jackpots. If you are playing a Progressive Slot machine and only play one coin, you will get a much smaller payout than if you play max ones. It could be double, triple or even 20x the amount you would win if you had simply played the one or two extra coins.

4. Realize that Slot machines are programmed by computer chip. They use a special chip and program called RNG (Random Number Generator) to randomly assign winning combinations. The mathematical equation for these is so complex that there would be absolutely no way that anyone could every break it. For this reason, Slots is a game of luck, and not skill like some other casino games (such as Poker or Blackjack).

5. Only spend an amount of money on Slot machines that you can afford to lose comfortably. This is actually good advice for any casino game. Decide on a number that you are going to play, and only play that amount. If you go beyond that number, you will be surprised at how quickly you spend and you may lose track- which could be turn into a disaster. You should also take this a step further and make sure that you do not re-bet what you win. If you budget $100 to spend on Slots and win say $70 from it, then you should pocket that money and go home. If you re-bet that $70, then your total Slots bets increase to $170, which means you have gone over your budget.