The Top 5 Progressive Slots at Online Casinos

September 7th, 2006 3:39 pm EST

The Top 5 Progressive Slots at Online Casinos

There are a lot of different ways to win big money at an online casino. But the easiest, fastest way (and arguably the most popular) way is to win a Progressive jackpot. These days, you can win a Progressive jackpot playing nearly any game that an online casino offers. From Blackjack to Roulette and most points in between, a Progressive jackpot is rather easy to find and play. But the majority of online Progressive Jackpots are in the form of Slot machines. With as little as 50 cents, you could possibly win a very large sum of money with just a simple spin of the machine. In fact, today there are so many Progressive Slot machines that you may not know which ones are best. Here we have the top five Progressive Slot machines on the net. Each of these was carefully researched and chosen to give you the most bang for your buck.

1. King Cashalot: This is one of the best Progressive Slots on the net for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because it only costs $2.25 when played with max coins (which you must play in order to win the Progressive jackpot. Any other amount will result in a win, but not the big win). Most casinos that carry the Microgaming software will also carry King Cashalot, since that is the company that offers it. The game itself is five reels and nine paylines, with the ninth payline being the one that pays off the Progressive jackpot when hit with max coins being played. There is a bonus game that is invoked by the ninth line that will enable you to become rich instantly. Once the jackpot has been won, it starts all over at $100,000 and goes up from there. Recent jackpots have been in the $600,000 to $800,000 range, though it has been known to occasionally go over $1 million.

2. Millionaire’s Club: Another great, high-paying Progressive Slot machine that doesn’t take a whole lot of money to play. To play max coins and potentially win the big jackpot, you are looking at a total of only $3 per spin, which is a small sum in comparison to the cost of some Progressive jackpots. Millionaire’s Club is a specialty of WaterLogic Software Company, which provides the gaming software to some of the best and most reputable online casinos. The jackpot starts fresh at $175,000 each time it is won, and climbs in amount with each and every spin. You must play max coins and invoke the bonus round. Should you win the bonus round you win the big jackpot. The bonus round has four parts to it so it may sound a bit complicated- but its actually quite easy and could make you a millionaire instantly.

3. Major Millions: This Progressive Slot may actually sound quite a bit like the Millionaire’s Club. It takes only $3 to play and can make you a millionaire with a single spin. The biggest difference is that Major Millions is played at the Microgaming casinos that choose to carry it, whereas the Millionaire’s Club is played at WaterLogic casinos. Also, Major Millions starts fresh at $250,000 each time the jackpot is won, which is one of the highest starting amounts for Progressive jackpots. Most start at zero to begin and can take months to get to the starting amount for Major Millions.

4. Gold Rally: The good folks who work for PlayTech (which builds software platforms for online casinos) invented Gold Rally as their way of throwing their hat into the Progressive Slots ring. This is a very colorful Video Slot machine that has bonus rounds that allow you to multiply your initial win- up to and including the big jackpot which starts at a cool $20,000 and climbs with each play. Gold Rally is a whopping nine reels of hot Slots action, and has eight paylines for you to potentially win with. At $16 per max coin spin, it is admittedly more than some can spend. But it does payout quite often and for some is worth the gamble.

5. $5 Million Winning Streak: This huge Progressive Slot machine is very different from the previous four on this list, and for good reason. The first is that it is a custom game made by a software company (PlayTech) but not for all of their casinos to use. Instead it is made only for Golden Palace Online Casino, which is one of the best on the net. The second reason is the jackpot- it is a static jackpot (which means it never increases or decreases) of a whopping $5 million! One spin of this game will make you five times as rich as most of the other Progressive Slots on the net today.