Deposit Choices for Online Slots

September 7th, 2006 3:35 pm EST

Before you can play Slot machines at an online casino, you must deposit money into your account. There are several ways to do this, and the method that is best for you may depend on several factors. If you have a credit card or bank account, you can use these. But not everyone does, and so every online casino has additional options for those without these things. We have broken down the major choices at most online casinos that you will encounter. Of course, each casino may or may not offer each type of payment method, so you should check and see what a site does offer before you sign up. Here is the breakdown:

Credit Card Deposits

For a long time, credit cards were the only type of deposit that you could make at an online casino. As the casinos evolved, so did the amount and type of methods. Unfortunately, most credit card companies evolved, too. Many of them no longer allow their customers to make gambling-related transactions. Since credit cards are so convenient and easy to use, all online casinos will still accept them- it is up to your card issuer as to whether they will allow them to be used, though. If you can use your credit card, it is an instantaneous deposit- meaning it is credited within seconds and you can start playing right away.

E-Cash Deposits

E-cash is a cute word to describe services that use your credit cards and/or bank accounts to send money to an online casino. The most famous e-cash payment system is PayPal, and for awhile, you could use your PayPal account to make casino deposits- but not anymore. In their wake, several new services sprung up, most of which are very reliable and have reasonable fees. The most popular by far that allows online gambling transactions is NeTeller which uses your bank account to send money, and accepts deposits into your account from casinos if you win and make a withdrawal of your winnings. Other equally good options for e-cash deposits include Citadel, FirePay, Click 2 Pay, Central Coin, Prepaid ATM and Moneybookers amongst others.

Bank/Wire Transfer Deposits

Some people do not want to give out their personal banking information to a third party like the aforementioned e-cash systems. If this is you, then you still have a multitude of deposit options. One of them is to send a transfer through your bank or another type of wire service such as Western Union. Of course, the drawback is that there is usually some kind of hefty fee involved. Western Unionís fees depend on the amount sent, while your bankís fees will vary from place to place. The advantage though is that they are usually credited within hours, making it very convenient to use if you want to start gambling almost right away.

Checks and Money Orders

You might be surprised to see checks and money orders on this list, but many casinos will accept them. They understand that not everyone has a credit card or a bank account to open an e-cash system. Checks and money orders cost next to nothing to purchase and send. Here is the problem, though- most online casinos are located offshore. So you would have to send the check or money order in the mail to your casino of choice. Then, you must usually wait until they clear, especially if you send a personal check instead of a cashierís check. Since each casino is overseas (in the Caribbean, Europe or other places) this could take several days to a few weeks to clear. If you are in a hurry to gamble, this method is definitely not recommended. But if you have no other way to deposit, this could be a good outlet for you.

Miscellaneous Deposit Methods

There are a few other methods of deposit that some online casinos may accept. There is a service called 900 Pay where you call the 900 number and charge your deposit to your phone bill for the next billing cycle. The money is deposited into your 900Pay account, which you then use to deposit directly into the casino for instant access to your newly-loaded funds.

As we already stated, each casino has their own rules about deposits and their own lineup of deposit methods that they accept. You should look over the methods of deposit accepted at an online casino before you sign up for an account to make sure they accept one whose terms you can accept. For instance, if you have no bank account or credit card, make sure that the casino you sign up for accepts other forms of payment, or you may find yourself unable to put money in your account.

One last note about deposit methods- some casinos have what they call preferred deposit methods. These are forms of payment that they prefer, and they will usually give you extra bonus money for using these methods. If you like your bonus money and want to maximize your deposit, you should look into these options as well.