Types of Slot Machines

August 1st, 2006 7:04 pm EST

Learning to play Slot machines is easy- in fact it is arguably the easiest thing in the casino to play. However, that does not mean that there is zero to learn. There are a few things you should know before you start playing Slot machines, not the least of which is knowing the types of machines. Not all Slot machines are the classic three reel machines- in fact there are many exciting variations for you to try:

1. Classic Slots: These are very basic Slots, and are sometimes called ‘basic Slots’ as well. These are generally ones that have a hand crank (though you can use the buttons as well). The reels can have all kinds of symbols, though many stay with classic things like bars and stars. A true classic Slot will generally have only one payline (winning line).
2. Multi-Line Slots: This means that there are at least three reels (maybe more) and multiple paylines. So you don’t have to get a winning combination on the very center line- there are several types of lines you can win on. These are fun because they payout a little more often than Classic Slots, though the payouts are generally smaller as well.
3. Multi-Reel Slots: These are Slot machines that go beyond the basic three reels (Classic Slots) and can have five reels or even more on rare occasion. These generally have multiple paylines as well, so could also fit under the “Multi-Line Slots” category as well.
4. Video Slots: Instead of the traditional reels, these Slot machines have a small monitor in them that has graphics like you would see on your computer or television screen. These graphics are of the reels and paylines you would see in a Classic Slot. There are usually multiple paylines and maybe even bonus rounds included, which are discussed next.
5. Bonus Slots: These are usually Video Slots that have some kind of bonus round attached to them that can net you a big sum of bonus money. Some of them even have multiple bonus rounds that can double, triple, quadruple or more your initial win. But beware- many times if you accept the bonus round (usually optional), this means that if you don’t win the bonus round, you may lose your initial win. For example- if you won say $10 on your spin and invoked a bonus round but lose the bonus round, you may lose the $10 as well. Bonus rounds are often optional so it up to you if you want to risk your smaller win for the chance at a larger one.
6. Progressive Slots: These are the big payout Slots. They can be Classic, Multi-Reel or Video Slots. The difference is that if you played max coins and hit the largest combination, then you win a jackpot. The jackpots on these vary but sometimes can be thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions in some circumstances. You must play the maximum amount of coins to win, though. Depending on the machine itself, this can be as little as 50 cents or several dollars.