How to Play Slot Machines

how to play slots
Want to know the most popular game in casinos? It's not roulette, and it's not craps. THe answer is slots, otherwise known as the "one armed bandits." They are very easy to use and oftentimes very lucrative, especially when playing a progressive slot machine.

A progressive machine is basically a combination of jackpots from different players in different casinos. These machines will pay out less in total money than an average slot machine, but the potential big prize payoffs are much bigger. You can't just put in one quarter and expect to win the big jackpot though; these progressive machines will require that a certain amount of money is spent by you in order to me eligible for the big prize.

Bet sizes can range anywhere from 25 cents up to 100 dollars. Money management is key though; if you have 50 dollars in total money that you want to bet, it would not be smart to play 10 dollar slots. Instead, play the 25 cent slots and work your way up as you become more confident.